keep checking back for COVID-19 updates

Hello, everyone. The boys of BDH and the Stray Dogs have been safely quarantining since this pandemic began, but unfortunately it's kept us away from all of you and doing what we love. We're eagerly awaiting the green light to return to live performances. Although our schedule page shows the dates we have booked, right now those dates are only tentative and contingent upon what happens in the days and weeks ahead. We'll let you know here on the BDH home page and on Facebook as soon as we get the go-ahead. Just know that we're itching to perform for you again. In the meantime, be sure to support all the local clubs and restaurants in our area, especially the ones where we perform. They need your help now more than ever. Check back here frequently for updates on our schedule, and drop us a line or two in our Guestbook to let us know how you're doing. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well in these bizarre times. We'll all get through this together.

Welcome to your home for news and information about Black Dog Hollow.

Black Dog Hollow is a five-piece band of talented musicians and performers in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We consider ourselves a party band, since we really don’t fit into any single genre of music. We play a diverse mix of new and classic rock, dance, funk, oldies, blues, and country music, with one goal in mind: to keep the audience smiling, dancing, and partying.

We perform at indoor or outdoor bar and club shows, weddings, corporate engagements, and other special events. We tailor our shows according to the crowd we are entertaining. We also take requests, and we like to give our fans a sense of involvement in the show. In short, if our crowd and clients are happy, so are we.

So, enjoy perusing the site. We’ll see you at the show.


upcoming dates 
The BDH train keeps on rolling. Scroll down or check out our schedule page to see where we're playing next. 

for the dogs...

The schedule also includes dates for the Stray Dogs acoustic shows, featuring BDH's own Delmas, George and Jim. For a more intimate engagement with a bunch of guys who just love to sing, check out the Dogs!

tunes time!  
We're always adding tunes to the BDH repertoire. Check out The Songs and see the songs that BDH and the Stray Dogs are performing. 

your voice matters  
Let us know which songs you want to hear or venues where you'd like to see us perform. Leave feedback in our Guestbook.

give us a look and a listen!

Yes, we do look good (well, not so bad) in video. Check out our  BDH and Stray Dogs video samplers, filled with live clips of the band. We also have other videos from our YouTube channel, so check 'em out on our Audio/Video page.

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